Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hewlit Packard and the dv9000

For the past few months doing my daily job of a computer technician I have ran into many dv9000 HP laptops. Nine out of ten of these things all have bad boards due to the non lead base solder used in the making. All due to a law that makes anything a child may play with not allowed to have lead in it. I guess they think that babies are going to be sucking on there new dv9000's motherboard.


  1. Im looking at buying a new laptop soon, if these have bad motherboards I'll be staying away from them. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. It really is bad when laws are made that apply so generally to things. People should know that life is does not fit into neat little boxes like they'd want. It should really be case by case. But anyway, are there any laptop you recommend? I think I'm in need of an upgrade.

  3. If i have learned anything from my experience with computers it is to stay the heck away from HP. Reading this does not shock me at all